Bridal and Couture Cleaning Service

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    Bridal and Couture Cleaning Service in Dubai

    The bride’s wedding gown is both symbolic and serves as a constant reminder to the couple. That is why every effort is made to ensure it is up to standard. Blossom Laundry are concerned with the preservation of your priceless gown. Typically, our fabric care specialists inspect each dress individually to determine the best cleaning and stain removal method.

    We use cutting-edge techniques and technology to ensure that your wedding gown looks as good as the day you purchased it. Each wedding gown is given special attention, with hand finishing being one of the final steps. Following this exceptional service, it is returned to you in good condition for safekeeping. This packing is done with our meticulous cleaning to preserve the gown’s integrity and reduce oxidation.

    We at Wash and Wear Laundry are sensitive to our customer’s needs and strive to make your bridal dreams come true! We understand that your wedding gown is much more than just an outfit for you, and we strive always to go above and beyond to add more glitz to your special day!

    You can be confident that you will be dressed in a stunning gown that will undoubtedly be the highlight of your special day. Our fabric care specialists examine each dress individually to determine the best method of cleaning and stain removal.

    For us, each wedding gown is a unique project, and our high-end professional bridal cleaning service will ensure that your timeless gown remains stunning forever.

    What do you do with your lovely wedding gown after the ceremony? Blossom Laundry provides a Cleaning and Wedding Dress Box service to ensure that your bridal gown is perfectly stored for the rest of its life. Blossom Laundry is pleased to offer a cleaning service for your wedding gown.

    If you need our cleaning service, please get in touch with the Salon to make an appointment to bring your gown in. We also provide a repair service that we can do while your dress is being cleaned.